Change Makers and Conscious Fashion: B.YELLOWTAIL

On Friday June 16, in the heart of Hollywood, a perfectly curated event took place. World of Wonders was home for the night to the indigenous community and their allies to celebrate Bethany Yellowtail’s recent creations. One woman with incredible talent and vision is taking the fashion world by storm with her collections that incorporate traditional indigenous motifs with contemporary silhouettes. All of her pieces celebrate ancestral tradition and function as wearable art, reminding us all that indigenous tradition and wisdom are here to stay.

The event opened with beautiful words by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell,  who gave us an update on  the bill to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day. The following panel discussion included Filmmaker/Producer Heather Rae, Sarah Eagle Heart - CEO of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Kimberly Smith, representing Honor the Earth. There was much wisdom shared by these strong warrior women. Smith representing the Dine nation spoke about the ongoing issues around uranium mines at Black Mesa in Arizona. Not only do these mines and waste coming from them rip apart these sacred lands, but poison the desert air, along with creating serious health risks for indigenous people living on the land. Sarah Eagle Heart expressed the importance of personal healing to benefit the whole and the work to educate allies. They urged non-native people to take an honest look at their consumption and always ask which tribe does it exploit, so there’s a better understanding, and perhaps a desire to help the ones whose land they occupy.

The Runway Show featured stunning indigenous models wearing Yellowtail’s summer collection, a colorful cavalcade of wrap dresses, maxi skirts and flare pants. Her chosen Fabrics included silks and recycled polyesters with indigenous motifs such as Elk teeth, some incorporated traditional mountain and river designs, some floral art.

The event also featured items from the the B.YELLOWTAIL COLLECTIVE, hand made textiles, jewelry, and accessories from indigenous artisans largely from the Great Plains tribal regions.

Bethany Yellowtail has created a conscious fashion brand defining indigenous visibility for generations to come.

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Article and Photos ©️ by Ursula Vari

 Melonie Diaz and friend

Melonie Diaz and friend